At Rubinton & Associates, we’re down in the trenches with our construction industry clients, making sure their rights and interests are protected by providing strategic, end-to-end representation for construction-related disputes.

The construction industry is an integral part of the world as we know it and impacts the lives of people across all spectrums.


With extensive local, regional and national experience in all aspects of construction law, we’ve built a solid foundation of trust with clients throughout the country, which continues to grow with every case we represent.


Our talented team of attorneys are paving the way to a better construction industry by bringing a wealth of construction industry knowledge and legal expertise together to successfully resolve cases involving:

  • Construction Defects & Deficiencies

  • Construction Delay Damages

  • Construction Contract Defaults

  • Architecture & Engineering Errors

  • Liens & Payment & Performance Bond Claims

  • Storm-Damage/Hurricane Claims & Recovery

  • Insurance Claims Management & Dispute Resolution

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