About Us

With a robust history managing insurance defense and litigation for a broad spectrum of local and national clients, Rubinton & Associates brings much more than just legal expertise to our clients.


We believe the road to successful resolution of any legal case, begins with legal expertise but must be accompanied by uncommon commitment and a passionate pursuit of our clients’ interests.

Our firm has successfully resolved an overwhelming number of claims, including:


We offer the best of ourselves to achieve the best results for our clients. How do we do that? By following our core mission to work seamlessly as a collaborative team, creating innovative, winning strategies that differentiate us from the competition.

An effective team approach includes a true partnership with our clients, to ensure no part of our mission is unclear and that when we win – we win together.

We ARE reinventing the wheel at Rubinton & Associates. That means we’re constantly seeking “outside the box” strategies and ways to deliver exactly what our client is looking for.

How does a firm differentiate itself? By never being satisfied with good enough. By digging deep and exploring every possible angle, risk, and option, for achieving a desired outcome.

An Uncommon Practice

Rubinton & Associates founder, Jeffrey Rubinton, launched the firm in 2012 after accumulating decades of experience both regionally and nationally in the following practice areas:


Insurance Claims and Litigation, Governmental and Environmental Litigation, Economic Crimes and Consumer Fraud, Construction Defect, and many additional areas of practice.


Continuous innovation in a profession as old as practicing law – is challenging. But with diverse experience, comes the ability to think differently.


At Rubinton & Associates, we draw upon our diverse experience to develop a customized approach for every case.

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