Insurance Fraud Representation

Our team of attorneys at Rubinton & Associates, PA is committed to providing defense representation to insurance companies in matters involving fraudulent claims. We assist in the identification of false and fraudulent claims pertaining to auto, property, health and life insurance and numerous other matters for both regional and national carriers.

A Collaborative Approach To Insurance Defense And Protecting Against Insurance Fraud

Working closely with our clients, we carry out thorough investigations to identify suspicious claims and pursue reimbursement of benefits paid in cases of unlawful/fraudulent claims. Our attorneys have years of experience working in the government and private sectors and understand the importance of protecting our clients' reputations and bottom lines.

Whether a policyholder has filed a fraudulent claim due to an innocent mistake or malicious intent, we will review and interpret the policy and can offer opinions on whether denial or payment of the matter is appropriate. When considering litigation, we outline all possible options for resolving a matter quickly, quietly and outside the courts. When it is in our client's best interests, we will aggressively pursue justice and recovery.

Offering Alternative Solutions That Pursue The Best Course Of Action

At Rubinton & Associates, PA, we have a reputation for providing fresh, creative solutions when investigating and resolving fraud or other insurance defense matters. Our team of lawyers understand the trust our clients place in us and use every resource to resolve the matter at hand while protecting against future issues.

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