First-Party, Third-Party, And Commercial Property Claims

At Rubinton & Associates, PA Attorneys at Law, our attorneys represent insurance carriers in a variety of claims with homeowners and commercial property owners.

Defending Regional And National Carriers In Insurance Disputes

Our firm provides comprehensive counsel and representation that assesses all aspects of the coverage warranted by a policy and offers detailed summary opinions of the findings.

As a team of experienced litigators, we understand the importance of limiting exposure and protecting our clients' reputations and financial interests. We are committed to resolving issues as efficiently and effectively as possible through alternative dispute resolution methods that avoid the costs of drawn-out litigation.

We defend insurance providers and other entities in commercial property and first-party, third-party claims that include:

  • Weather-related claims, including windstorms and hurricanes
  • Sinkholes
  • Construction defects
  • Water and flood damage
  • Arson and fire
  • Theft and burglary

Our firm is committed to thorough presuit investigations that may contribute to establishing theories of concurrent cause, proximate cause, anti-concurrent cause and the application of other policy exclusions. We thoroughly review and interpret policy language and can provide counsel regarding claims-handling processes and bad-faith avoidance. We also develop intelligent litigation strategies that protect our clients against liability and fraud.

Protecting Our Clients' Reputations And Bottom Lines

With years of experience working with larger insurance defense firms, our lawyers combine a wealth of legal resources with the customer service of a boutique practice. Contact our Florida, California and New Jersey, law offices at 954-251-5500 or via our online contact form.